Fully-accessible products with large entry widths.

Choosing the right shower enclosure is critical when it comes to accessibility. There are numerous considerations to take into account here, such as spatial limitations, personal preferences, legal requirements and much more. HÜPPE has thought of everything - come and be impressed by our top quality product solutions:


HÜPPE Design folding swing door solutions

Ideal for small spaces as the doors are easily folded back against the wall.

Sliding door solutions

This system is particularly space-saving, as there is no need for additional room in front of the shower area for opening the doors.


HÜPPE Enjoy swing door solutions

These door systems offer a wide range of models for various bathroom layouts.

HÜPPE Studio swing door solutions

Unlimited individuality and perfection in quality.


Walk-in solutions

Walk-in solutions have the advantage that the shower area offers easy access and there is no need for doors to be opened or closed.