Find your place of rest and relaxation.

HÜPPE showers are a place of rest and relaxation amid your hectic everyday life. Discover the wealth of options that our products offer for the bathroom and the soul. Whether you are looking for a customised shower enclosure, a convenient walk-in solution or a non-slip shower tray - we are ready with the right solution for any desire and any installation environment.

HÜPPE shower enclosures - creating space for your ideas.

Do you see your bathroom as a sanctuary in which to recharge your batteries? Or as an ideal shower to help you start the day feeling refreshed? Whatever your focus, we have the right shower enclosure, from purist to distinctive and elegant.

Do you have a large bathroom, or do you just want enough room for a shower? Here you will find extra large shower solutions for bigger bathrooms.

Bath? Shower? Both! Don't let yourself be tied down and enjoy as the mood takes you. HÜPPE bath screens provide the answer for every situation.

HÜPPE shower trays - what ideas are based on.

Complete your individual bathroom design with a suitable shower tray. HÜPPE shower enclosures are combined with HÜPPE shower trays to guarantee perfect harmony between function and design.

Shower utensil holders, shower caddies, hooks for bath towels, wipers, wiper hooks or care and cleaning materials for the shower - HÜPPE accessories improve any bathroom and cater for any need. And the best thing is that they go with your style of decor.

The HÜPPE world is so varied that it is not always easy to get a complete overview. Here you can find the most important things to download, print out and browse through. Have fun!

Everyone has their own ideas about the perfect bathroom. For some, functionality is the key. For others, the design is all-important. What unites everyone is the high quality expectations.

We develop new materials and functions to make your life easier. If this means new standards, so much the better.

Our developers are constantly thinking of your comfort and coming up with things to match your dream shower precisely to your requirements. These include not only high quality material and a unique design, but also pragmatic details that make daily life easier for you and make your dream shower more beautiful.

How do I clean my shower and how can I plan my dream shower so that I spend a minimum amount of time cleaning it? Read all about professional cleaning of your HÜPPE products here.