HÜPPE shower trays – Easy to clean.

For years now, how people use the shower area has become increasingly more individualised, be it for shaving, traditional showering using different gels and creams, or for hair care. This is quite challenging for the shower, which is why it has to be easy to clean. The smooth, non-abrasive surface of the jointless HÜPPE shower trays makes them easy and quick to clean with conventional detergents or HÜPPE Top tray cleaner. For lifelong showering pleasure.

The be-all and end-all for a long life for your shower tray is a residue-free surface, which is achieved by simply rinsing with clear water. With the following tips, you will be able to enjoy your HÜPPE shower tray for years to come.

  • To remove residues, rinse your shower tray with clear water after each shower.
  • Use a sponge or soft cloth to rub in the HÜPPE Top tray cleaner.
  • After cleaning, wash away the detergent with clear water.
  • To prevent dirt, dry the surface and drain of your shower tray with a soft, dry cloth.

To remove dirt, limescale and gels from your shower tray, we recommend cleaning it thoroughly every week – depending on how dirty it is – with HÜPPE Top acrylic tray cleaner.

Cleaning recommendation for shower trays coated with EasyProtect

We recommend using an alkaline cleaning concentrate to remove grease and dirt residues. For normal soiling, on the other hand, you can mix an alkaline cleaning concentrate with 10 litres of (warm) water.

You can then clean the coated surface with a fluffy, long-fibred cloth or a soft brush (good natural brushes or nylon brushes), and rinse with clear, cold water.

To remove localised heavy soiling, use a brush and a stronger mixture of the alkaline cleaning concentrate (which can also be briefly used in a pure state).

More tips for cleaning surfaces with EasyProtect:

  • Shower trays coated with EasyProtect are resistant to disinfectants (pH value 6-8). 
  • However, avoid leaving disinfectant on the surface, and always neutralize it with clear, cold water. 
  • Detergents that are not harmful to the skin can be used for cleaning the EasyProtect surface. 
  • Surfaces coated with EasyProtect can also be cleaned using commercially available descaler/bath/floor cleaners (pH value 6-8). 
  • Please do not use abrasive or corrosive cleaners or cleaning tools (e.g. Scotch pads). 
  • Please always observe the manufacturer's instructions and only use diluted substances on the coated surface.
  • Do not use rough brushes, steel wool or other sharp cleaning tools either, so you can enjoy the comfort of the EasyProtect surface for years to come.