Phoenix Design

For the purposes of consistency of concept, Phoenix Design offers strategic advice, corporate design, product design, and user interface design under one roof for innovative brand manufacturers. The strength of Phoenix Design lies in the development of products that have a high level of practicality yet manage to combine the aesthetic and functional aspects. They adhere to the design philosophy that products must be convincing in practical terms, should take ecological responsibility into account and create an emotional impact, in accordance with the motto: logic, ethics and magic.

The design concept of Phoenix Design is closely connected to the values of Bauhaus and the Ulm School, and today is more modern than either. In their designs they find expression in functional, simple, instantly understandable notional and usage concepts in an increasingly complex world. Because of their uniqueness and durability, the products enable a high level of added value and increase brand value through commercial success. This is confirmed in over 690 design awards that the company has won since it was founded in 1987.



HÜPPE Studio Paris elegance / HÜPPE Studio Berlin pure
HÜPPE Enjoy elegance / HÜPPE Enjoy pure
HÜPPE Design elegance / HÜPPE Design pure
HÜPPE Xtensa pure