HÜPPE Select+ Walk-In Dusche mit Accessoires in schwarz


Walk-In Dusche HÜPPE Select+ Accessoire Tablet in schwarz

Purist designer holder - the Select+ Tablet

The high quality, stable Tablet provides sufficient space for several shampoo bottles and other shower utensils.

Walk-In Dusche HÜPPE Select+ Accessoire Drybox in silber

The Select+ Drybox protects items from foam and spray

Objects such as toothbrushes or glasses can be protected from foam and spray in the Drybox.

Walk-In Dusche HÜPPE Select+ Accessoire Handwischer in silber

Select+ Wiper: high quality and practical

The innovative Wiper made of high quality metal makes it easy to wipe clean the glass after showering. A particularly useful feature is the elegant fixing option, which makes it easy to hang on the glass panel.

Walk-In Dusche HÜPPE Select+ Accessoire Mirror in Schwarz

Select+ Mirror: an adjustable mirror in the shower

The mirror has a movable arm and so can be adjusted precisely to your needs. Shaving in the shower is so easy now.

NOA Designer

Designed for your needs

Exclusively from NOA. Intelligent design. The Select+ from HÜPPE is distinguished by its high quality, timeless design. Thanks to its reserved style and universal design, the Select+ can easily be combined with a vast range of bathroom design styles.

Walk-In Dusche HÜPPE Select+ Accessoire Shelf Reinigung

2-in-1 with Select+ Shelf

The Select+ Shelf combines practical storage with a designer towel holder and is screwed flush on the inside for easier cleaning.

Umweltbewusstsein vom Duschwand Hersteller HÜPPE

Our commitment to the environment and sustainability

Innovative, high-quality products for the shower area require much more than just an attractive, contemporary design. Technology, functionality and durability are other important factors for success.

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Walk-In Dusche HÜPPE Select+ Accessoire Shower Board mit Handtuch, Uhr und Lotion

Select+ Shower Board: can be universally retrofitted

The Select+ Shower Board is a combination of a designer towel holder and a storage area that can be clamped to 6/8 mm glass from outside.