Living corporate culture – HÜPPE presents donation

HÜPPE Group, leading manufacturer of shower enclosures and shower trays, is committed to a good cause. Social responsibility is a matter close to the company’s heart, and not just during the Advent and Christmas season. At HÜPPE, the “Charity” team regularly tackles such projects.

The brand manufacturer HÜPPE and the project team are delighted with the success and the great, idealistic commitment of all employees, as this activity is seen as a special social responsibility. The project will continue to be actively pursued, as the commitment to a good cause is a matter close to HÜPPE’s heart.

Lichtblick e.V. association offers psychological help for children of parents with cancer. The association in Oldenburg and the Weser-Ems region currently looks after 28 families with 59 children and supports them with special programmes. The aim of the organisation is to provide psychological and (trauma) educational support for children who have to come to terms with cancer or even the death of a parent and to protect them as far as possible from psychological damage.

Numerous HÜPPE employees regularly take part in various activities, although these could only take place infrequently during the pandemic. Nevertheless, they were able to raise an impressive sum of 5,000 euros.

Angela Paradies, psychologist and chairwoman of Lichtblick e.V., was delighted with the sympathy shown by the staff. Above all, she describes the long-term cooperation as “warm rain in a cold season that is particularly hard on those affected.”

The donation will help to further develop the programmes for the affected families and children. Paradies thanked the HÜPPE “Charity” project team and the management, Mr Michael Amende, as well as the Director of Human Resources, Ms Sabine Schünemann.

HÜPPE is also delighted with the success and the great, idealistic commitment of all employees. The project will be continued in the future, as practising responsibility is part of the corporate culture.


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