Shower enclosures

In a HÜPPE shower tray, you will feel meticulous care and precision in every detail. This also applies to our shower surfaces made of natural stone. Thanks to the special gelcoat surface, the floor is pleasantly warm and non-slip. For life.

Get inspired

HÜPPE solutions inspire architects and planners worldwide. We realise dream showers in the most renowned hotels, residential projects and for famous cruise ships.



HÜPPE means quality, and that also applies to our materials. We use high-quality materials that we have perfectly matched in terms of form and function. Because we want to touch your senses, the look, the feel. With a specially developed production process, we also ensure that our products accompany you for a lifetime.

Die-cast zinc



Die-cast zinc – a sophisticated performer

Above all, we associate zinc with resilience. And zinc is actually stable and robust thanks to die casting. But the material can do more: Chrome and powder coating make it adaptable. As a result, it is suitable for individual design in a wide range of colours and textures.

Glass – a source of inspiration for great architects

We all love light. And glass masters the game perfectly. This material has always fascinated renowned architects. Glass is almost invisible – and yet always an eye-catcher. Because it is also robust and durable, it fits into your everyday life – just like the single-pane safety glass we use.

Aluminium – a world leader for diversity

We value aluminium as a lightweight material. Yet through its versatility, it’s also a real heavyweight. Not only is it hard-wearing and durable, it is also easy to clean and maintain. And the best part? It forms the perfect frame for glass and is exceptionally resilient.

Replacement Parts & Accessories Shop

So that you can enjoy your HÜPPE shower enclosure or shower tray for many years to come, we offer you the option of easily ordering the spare parts you need in the HÜPPE online shop.

Replacement Parts

Cleaning Supplies


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