Plan your bathroom

Transform your bathroom into your favourite place

Your bathroom is more than just a place for you? Then go for your dreams and make it your favourite place. Whether it’s a floor-level shower, an individual shower area or other design wishes: Whatever you have in mind, our HÜPPE experts will show you what’s important, where to apply for subsidies and how even a customised design can become child’s play.

Ensure tight transitions with us

There is no coincidence that in some places the term wet room is used instead of shower. It is in the nature of things that showers get wet. It is therefore all the more important that the transitions from the shower tray to the wall are professionally sealed. At HÜPPE, we make sure that this is exactly what happens in renovations and new builds. Our HÜPPE experts know how to prevent unwanted moisture damage and how to seal in accordance with DIN 18534.


Shower comfort for tomorrow today

Freedom in the bathroom also means accessibility. Plan the future in style today: with a wide entrance to the shower, at ground level, without tripping hazards. With the flat HÜPPE EasyFlat shower tray, for example, you also meet the legal requirements for barrier-free showers. On request, you can ensure an even safer footing with an anti-slip surface.

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For a lasting feeling of well-being

Would you like to retain that noble feeling when showering? Find your HÜPPE shower tray looking like new every day? With gleaming fittings? Clear glass without streaks? We not only have the right care series for you, but also tips on how best to clean your HÜPPE.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Safe ground

Our HÜPPE shower surfaces are doubly impressive: with modern design and the highest safety standards. That’s why you can get all our shower trays with DIN slip resistance on request, which is also TÜV-tested. Invest in a good feeling for sure.

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Take it easy in the shower

We want you to feel like you’re listening to gentle rain when you shower – not a loud pattering sound. That’s why HÜPPE shower surfaces made of mineral cast are particularly sound-reducing. Even rain showers sound pleasantly muffled. We go to great lengths to ensure this undisturbed sense of well-being. And fulfil the highest requirements. So that the result can be heard.


Shower renovation needs to be calculated

Dreaming big? Nevertheless, stay forward-looking and realistic when renovating your shower. Ask yourself what is actually necessary in your bathroom. Is it a matter of individual renovation measures or do you intend to build a completely new bathroom? Take your time and decide calmly what you want to change in your bathroom.

We are here for you

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