Non-Slip Coating

Enjoy the feeling of security

HÜPPE is excellent design and the highest quality. That’s why we focus on design and safety in equal measure when it comes to our HÜPPE shower surfaces. Upon request, we can offer you all of our shower trays with anti-slip properties that meet the highest testing requirements. Make your shower a place where you feel comfortable and safe.

HÜPPE Duschflächen bieten immer festen Halt, egal, ob trocken oder feucht.

How we test slip resistance

There are a number of standards that deal with the topic of slip resistance. The tests according to DIN 51130 and 51097 as well as according to XPP 05-010 are similar – apart from minor differences.

General slip resistance in work areas according to DIN 51130

Here the covering to be tested is placed on a test frame and 200 ml of a special motor oil is applied per square meter. A test person walks on the surface wearing standardized work shoes while it is lifted over the rear edge.

The examiner runs up and down the increasingly steep ramp until he slips or feels unsteady. The resulting angle of inclination of the surface or ramp is finally measured and decides on the classification into the corresponding evaluation group within the DIN standard.

Slip resistance in wet barefoot areas according to DIN 51097

The structure according to DIN 51097 is similar to DIN 51130. Instead of oil, water is applied to the same device and the inspector walks on the surface barefoot.

Slip resistance in wet areas according to XPP 05-010

This standard involves carrying out two tests that correspond to the tests for DIN standards 51130 and 51097.


HÜPPE shower surfaces meet the highest requirements

We offer a range of shower trays that meet these standards to the highest standards. In addition, TÜV has independently confirmed all values.

HÜPPE EasyFlat in Matt

  • Anti-slip class A according to DIN 51097
  • PN12 according to XPP 05-010 anti-slip value
  • R9 according to DIN 51130 and XPP 05-010

Non-slip surface EasyProtect

  • Anti-slip class C according to DIN 51097
  • PN24 according to XPP 05-010
  • Anti-slip value R11 according to DIN 51130 and XPP 05-010

HÜPPE Purano

  • Anti-slip class A according to DIN 51097
  • PN12 according to XPP 05-010
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