Sound insulation

Take it easy when showering

We want you to feel like you’re listening to gentle rain when you shower – not a loud patter. That’s why HÜPPE shower surfaces made of mineral cast are particularly noise-reducing. Rain showers also sound pleasantly muffled. We do a lot to ensure this undisturbed feeling of well-being. And meet the highest requirements. So that the result can be heard.

Mineralgussduschflächen EasyFlat von HÜPPE mit Schallschutz sichern höchsten Wohnkomfort.

How we test sound insulation

Sound insulation is comprehensively regulated, including by the DIN standard for sound insulation in building construction (DIN 4109) and the guidelines from the Association of German Engineers for the sound insulation of apartments (VDI 4100). Sound insulation in building construction is also regulated by the Swiss standard SIA 181.

Sound insulation tests are carried out in the laboratory. For this purpose, the shower trays are set up in a room situation that is as realistic as possible. A test object impacts the surface and the resulting sound is measured from three sides.

Particularly effective sound insulation at HÜPPE

HÜPPE meets all requirements according to DIN 4109 and VDI 4100 as well as the minimum requirement according to SIA 181.

The so-called water jet impact noise of the HÜPPE shower surfaces made of mineral cast is also significantly lower than that of similar shower trays in the industry. HÜPPE mineral casting is particularly noise-reducing, especially compared to steel or ceramic shower trays. The noise pollution in adjacent rooms can be significantly minimized.

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