Cleaning and Maintenance

For a lasting sense of well-being

Would you like to retain the noble feeling when showering? Do you find your HÜPPE shower tray looking new every day? With shiny fittings? Clear glass without streaks? We not only have the right care series for you, but also tips on how best to clean your HÜPPE.

Maximale Lebensdauer für Ihre Duschkabine dank unserer Reinigungsmittel

Daily short

If possible, rinse your HÜPPE with clean water immediately after showering. Remove any remaining drops with a hand wiper. This way, your next shower will also be the purest shower experience.

Occasionally thorough

Give your HÜPPE a thorough clean regularly with our gentle cleaners. These remove limescale deposits effortlessly and gently. Use cold water for rinsing and a hand wiper for any remaining drops. Maintenance? Easy!

Simply EasyStyle

Don’t give dirt and limescale any surface to attack – with HÜPPE EasyStyle wall cladding. The virtually seamless installation and its waterproof surface make it durable and hard-wearing. But what should you bear in mind? We’ll show you in the tips.

Tips for your EasyStyle

The HÜPPE EasyStyle wall cladding is very resistant. However, do not use alcohol, solvents or abrasive cleaning agents such as scouring milk when cleaning. HÜPPE Top Plus care, which is biodegradable, is ideal. You can also remove grease or dirt residues with alkaline cleaning agents.

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