Innovative bath storage system – new Select+ product series

Innovative filing system - new Select+ product series
11.03.2019Bad Zwischenahn

With its new product series, HÜPPE makes even the smallest bathrooms optimally usable and also variable in design.

Make optimum use of the few square metres of a bathroom. Select+ is the innovative storage system with perfect technology.

Michael Lammel from the NOA design studio gives an insight into the development of Select+: “Together with HÜPPE, we worked intensively on the topic of showers in the context of space utilisation and architecture, wellbeing and comfort, safety and ergonomics. The biggest challenge in the design development was the combination of easy, flexible installation and a full focus on the user.”

In terms of design, NOA focussed on purism when designing the new “HÜPPE Select+”. The design and function of the shower are in uncompromising harmony and create a formally minimalist design with a clear reference to modern architecture.

HÜPPE has incorporated everything into the design that today characterises the good image of a branded shower enclosure from this manufacturer. Sophisticated details, such as the ease with which the individual organisers can be replaced, are just as impressive as the ease of installation for craftsmen.

More undamaged tiles - installation without drilling

Unlike conventional storage systems in the shower area, the Select+ organisers and functional parts are fixed in place using the seamlessly concealed Select+ system, eliminating the need for time-consuming drilling into centimetre-thick tiles. Easy cleaning, maximum flexibility paired with purist design make HÜPPE Select+ a practical everyday helper.

Maximum flexibility and easy cleaning

The Select+ organisers are not screwed to the wall, but are fixed in place using the Select+ system and covered seamlessly with the Cover+ profile. This means that the new tiles or wall panelling do not need to be drilled into and the user remains flexible in terms of the height of the accessories.

This means that even months or years after installation, the individual organisers can be adjusted, exchanged or added to. The absence of sharp edges, recesses and dirty corners ensures a timeless look that is also easy to clean. All components can be easily removed for thorough cleaning, e.g. to clean tiles or wall panelling.

Exceptional solutions for every bathroom

HÜPPE Select+ is available as a stand-alone side panel in glass thicknesses of 6/8/10 millimetres, but that’s not all. Our innovative and flexible wall connection of HÜPPE Select+ can also be used as a kit for the other series from shower area specialist HÜPPE.

For maximise flexibility the Select+ kit is added to the stand-alone side panels. The Select+ Kit can also be used as an intelligent space utilisation concept for the sliding doors in the successful HÜPPE Xtensa pure series. HÜPPE Select+ is available in two versions: Black Edition and matt silver.

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