Walk-In Dusche HÜPPE Studio mit Dekor

Turn your bathroom into a feel-good oasis with a walk-in shower from HÜPPE

A walk-in shower. That sounds like an invitation, doesn't it? "Come in. Please." Spontaneously, easily, without a door or threshold. A walk-in shower from HÜPPE is the most lavish way of giving a bathroom its own personal style – and absolutely in fashion. A walk-in shower transforms your bath into a spacious oasis of relaxation and refreshment, just like you've always wanted. Let yourself be inspired!

Walk-In Dusche HÜPPE Xtensa pure für ein kleines Bad

Walk-in showers are suitable for all room sizes

Our bathroom is too small for one. We often hear that when talking about walk-in showers. Actually, the opposite is true. A walk-in solution can be the ultimate accolade for a small bathroom. A flat shower tray installed flush with the floor, such as the HÜPPE EasyStep and the HÜPPE Xtensa pure for example, are ideal partners for achieving maximum transparency and comfortable splash protection even in a small bathroom. But there's no question about it: The most spacious walk-in solutions are possible in a large room.


Walk-In Dusche mit HÜPPE ConnectPro

A walk-in shower is convenient and easy to clean

But no matter how spacious your bathroom is, a walk-in shower shows its strengths everywhere. The large glass surfaces can be simply cleaned using a wiper. There are no frames, hinges or doors, which means that limescale and dirt have no chance of getting ingrained. Such a solution can be a little draughty, though, and the protection against splashing water is somewhat limited on account of the design. If it transpires that you feel disturbed by this, we've got the answer for you: HÜPPE ConnectPro. Be it a fixed or movable element or a swing door, HÜPPE ConnectPro offers a subsequent addition to your walk-in system in various colours and different glass designs.

Walk-In Dusche HÜPPE Enjoy Elegance mit Chromdekor Seitenwand alleinstehend barrierefrei

Walk-in showers are convenient and provide for transparency in the bathroom

"Walk-in" also stands for boundless freedom entering the shower. Nothing stands in your way with HÜPPE's walk-in solutions! Doors? Were yesterday! Choose a suitable entry width to match your room space, and create not only the most comfortable possible shower area with a HÜPPE walk-in shower, but also optically the most spacious solution for your bathroom: for instance with the HÜPPE Studio. An extremely transparent solution is the HÜPPE Enjoy elegance, which is also available as a stand-alone side panel – with a beautiful chrome design as an option.

Click around our picture gallery and let yourself be inspired by our walk-in showers.