"True innovations arise from combining the needs of today's users with trend-setting technologies."

In line with this credo, NOA creates forward-looking products that are both fascinating and helpful for the user.

Where the design of innovative product solutions and strategies is concerned, NOA constantly keeps under observation the changes in our society and trends in new technologies. The focus is always directed at people and their needs.

NOA's development process is based on a holistic approach. A product that will continue to be relevant in the future is more than just a material object. In total, there are four aspects whose perfect interplay makes up a good concept: the "fixed/material" part, the "soft" part comprising the digital components (e.g. IoT aspects), the product signature, and the service that today is taken for granted by the customer. The interdisciplinary team of designers, architects and strategists has been developing award-winning products and market-relevant solutions on this basis ever since NOA was established in the year 2000.


Let yourself be inspired by the HÜPPE Solva pure.