Spritzschutz für Badewanne HÜPPE Combinett 2

Combinett 2

The bathtub becomes a shower as simple as that: HÜPPE Combinett 2

Are you one of those people who appreciates a relaxing bath, but also likes to use the bathtub to take a shower? But a shower curtain is out of the question for you? We can understand that, and so we have a perfect solution for you: the flexible bath-top shower screen HÜPPE Combinett 2.


A shower in the morning, a full bath in the evening – that's possible in a small bathroom as well! Even if there isn't enough space for both a shower and a bathtub. The HÜPPE Combinett 2 folding bathtub panel transforms the comfortable bathtub into a practical shower in a matter of seconds. And your bathroom stays dry.

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It is usually the bathtub that visually dominates a bathroom solely on account of its size. It's a good thing that the HÜPPE Combinett 2 bathtub folding wall can shrink in size and discreetly stays in the background when not in use. With its classic design, it fits into any bathroom.

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Model overview

The perfect shower enclosure for the bathtub is available in matt silver and white. You can also choose between real and synthetic glass. The HÜPPE Combinett 2 is available as a single side panel or with two or three movable elements – and also with a made-to-measure height and width.

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