HÜPPE Xtensa pure Walk-In Dusche mit Produktdetails


A unique shower with maximum comfort? HÜPPE Xtensa pure!

Do you dream of the perfect shower that suits your needs? Here it is! A real innovation: the HÜPPE Xtensa pure. It ideally combines the benefits of a walk-in shower with those of a shower enclosure with a sliding door system: a generously sized entry, highly transparent, and with extensive splash protection.

Treat yourself to your dreamlike showering experience with the HÜPPE Xtensa pure!


Lightness and style: Shower enclosures from the innovative HÜPPE Xtensa pure series combine pleasant comfort with trendy styling from Phoenix Design! A floor-flush shower, the HÜPPE Xtensa pure will thrill you with its highly transparent, frameless sliding door that disappears completely behind the fixed element – for a generously sized entry. This makes the HÜPPE Xtensa pure a sliding door shower with the charm of a walk-in shower. No wish is left unfulfilled with it. You'll see that for yourself!

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As if by magic: The wall profile with double glass mounting allows the sliding door to disappear almost completely behind the fixed element – for the largest possible entry area!

The roller guide allows the HÜPPE Xtensa pure sliding doors to be opened and closed extremely easily and practically silently thanks to the quiet rollers. In addition, the extremely flat roller bar offers almost curbless access: It is practically impossible to stumble in this shower enclosure!

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Showers of the highest standard: With the HÜPPE Xtensa pure shower enclosure! The new sliding door technology provides for unprecedented elegance in floor-level showers. This is supported not least by the consequential reduction in the use of metal components. The styling of this aesthetic shower enclosure from Phoenix Design has received several accolades!

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Colours & Panel options

All colours and panel options at a glance.

NEW: Mirrow glass

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You can find informative videos of the HÜPPE Xtensa pure here.

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Hier finden Sie alle möglichen Einbauvarianten der HÜPPE Xtensa pure.

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