HÜPPE Organizer – For utmost order in your bathroom

Look forward to the tidiness! Forget about shampoo bottles standing around in the shower tray, or towels lying on the floor in front of your shower area. With solutions from HÜPPE, you get practical, everyday helpers that will not only impress with their functionality, but will also convince you with their attractive appearance.

HÜPPE Select+ Organizer

The versatile HÜPPE Select+ accessories are a distinct feel-good factor that give your bathroom a very visual impact. But with their drill-free installation, flexibility and ease of cleaning, they are impressively practical too. More product details are available here.

HÜPPE Select+ Wiper

With the ergonomically shaped wiper you can clean your shower very easily. Thanks to the suspension on the glass pane, it is always ready to hand.

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HÜPPE Select+ Drybox

The HÜPPE Select+ Drybox reliably protects valuables against damp in the shower area.

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HÜPPE Select+ Tablet

The HÜPPE Select+ Tablet has space for shower utensils.

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HÜPPE Select+ Mirror

The HÜPPE Select+ Mirror has a large reflective area and can be adjusted to suit the user via the pivoting arm.

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HÜPPE Select+ Shower Board

The HÜPPE Select+ Shower Board with integrated hand towel holder is attached to the side wall glass on one side using the patented HÜPPE clamping technology.

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HÜPPE Select+ Shelf "2 in 1"

The HÜPPE Select+ “2 in 1” Shelf has space for a hand towel and a further storage option at the same time.

Select+ Hook

The high-quality Select+ Hook is infinitely height adjustable. So the towel is always within easy reach.

More HÜPPE Organizer

HÜPPE Butler 2000

Compared to conventional shelving systems or shower racks, the HÜPPE Butler 2000 is absolutely rustproof and scratch-proof due to its complex workmanship without any soldering joints. The HÜPPE swivel function enables you to quickly clean behind the product without having to remove it. The HÜPPE Butler 2000 also has an integrated holder for the HÜPPE wiper.

Towel rail

Looking for a practical way to hang up your towel without damaging your tiles? The HÜPPE towel rail with its adhesive mounting allows you to always keep your towel ready at hand next to the shower, and is ideal for retrofitting on all side panels made of clear real glass.

Hook for bath towel

Looking for a practical way to hang up your towel without damaging your tiles? The HÜPPE towel hook combines these features and is a small and fine option that can be attached to the shower wherever you like.