Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here you can find answers to the questions we are asked most often. If your question is not here, you can of course contact us directly.

1. What is left and what is right?

If you want to order a swing door with wall attachment on the left, or an asymmetric shower enclosure with tray installation dimensions of 800 x 1200, it is important not to lose sight of the bigger picture. For this reason the dimensions of a HÜPPE shower enclosure are generally the external dimensions. This means the dimensions can be given from the left or the right, as shown in the graphic.

2. What is a setback?

A setback describes the amount by which a shower enclosure is displaced inwards on the edge of the tray. This is not usually for aesthetic reasons, but for reasons of the water-tightness of your shower enclosure. In the graphic here the setback is marked as dimension R.

3. What does floor-flush installation mean?

If your shower enclosure is suitable for floor-flush installation, this means that the shower enclosure also can be mounted on a tiled shower floor with no shower tray.

4. What are removable sliding doors?

On many HÜPPE sliding doors, the individual elements can be unhooked from the lower guide rail and folded inwards. This makes cleaning the shower much easier. In addition, most sliding door systems do not have a horizontal profile, thus avoiding dirty edges.

5. Was bedeutet spritzwasserdicht?

Selbstverständlich bieten alle Türsysteme von HÜPPE einen optimalen Spritzwasserschutz. Jedoch sollten Sie Ihre Anforderungen an die „Wasserdichtigkeit“  in Ihre Überlegungen bei der Wahl Ihrer Duschabtrennung mit einfließen lassen.


Als Grundregel gilt: vollgerahmte Duschabtrennungen sind im Vergleich zu designorientierten, teilgerahmten oder rahmenlosen Duschabtrennungen spritzwasserdichter.


Eine optimale Funktionalität zwischen Duschabtrennung und Duschwanne kann nur bei der Verwendung von HÜPPE Produkten erreicht werden.

6. What does water-tightness mean?

Naturally all HÜPPE door systems offer optimum water-tightness. However, you should include your requirements for water-tightness in your considerations when choosing your shower enclosure.


As a general rule,: fully-framed shower enclosures are more water-tight than design-orientated, partially framed or frameless enclosures.


Optimum functionality between shower enclosure and shower tray can only be achieved by using HÜPPE products.

7. What is HÜPPE Anti-Plaque glass?

Real glass with a surface finish. It makes cleaning easy and allows water to pearl off. The result – fewer dirt and limescale deposits. Anything that does remain can simply be wiped off without the need for abrasive cleaning agents.

8. What is the input dimension?

The input dimension is the width ordered. For example, HÜPPE Design pure, rectangular, sliding door with corner entry, 2-panel: Adjustment range = input dimension 10 mm / plus 10 mm

9. How do I measure the shower?

Our local customer service technician knows the range of HÜPPE products better than anyone. Think carefully about every aspect of your dream shower and discuss them with him. At the end there will be a plan with very precise measurements for the HÜPPE fitter and for your complete showering pleasure.

10. How do I get HÜPPE spare parts?

HÜPPE products naturally have a legal warranty period of two years. We also offer an after-sales warranty: an identical version of every wearing part in your HÜPPE shower enclosure can be repurchased - for a period of ten years.