We take responsibility - HÜPPE Responsibility.

Sustainability, environmentally-conscious, climate-friendly activities in every area of the business are more than just bywords for us. They define our self-image. We take responsibility and set high targets when it comes to environmental, climate and resource protection - throughout the entire process. That is, from purchasing to production and sales: our high expectations define our corporate philosophy and determine processes and practices throughout the HÜPPE group.
Today and in the future.


A new way of thinking.

Our company culture is marked by a responsible and sustainable approach towards running a business. We believe in maintaining a balance between commercial, environmental and social interests and are totally committed to sustainable work practices.

A new way of working.

As they can be recycled in their entirety, we use materials such as glass and aluminium almost exclusively throughout our production processes. Production waste is sorted by type and recycled. We are also committed to reducing our consumption of resources such as energy, fuel and paper. We make every effort to employ the latest technology to enable us to reduce emissions even further and manufacture in a more environmentally friendly manner.


The new challenges.

Climate change and ever dwindling resources present us with new challenges.
With their decidedly solid construction, our products are built in such a way that they have an exceptionally long service life. This in itself also helps avoid unnecessary expense and energy consumption. We are already confronting these challenges. And will continue to do so.