Limescale and dirt have no chance with HÜPPE cleaning agents!

The cleaning agents, which are perfectly suited to HÜPPE products, make cleaning and caring for your shower child's play. The very best quality, ecologically tested and biodegradable – so that you can enjoy your HÜPPE shower for many years to come. You can order any HÜPPE cleaning agent in our online shop with a delivery time of 3-8 days after receipt of your order.

HÜPPE Top Plus

This cleaner is suitable for the entire sanitary area, and is ideal for cleaning the anti-plaque and chrome surfaces of your HÜPPE shower enclosure. Abrasive cleaners should also be avoided with anti-plaque surfaces, as they can diminish the anti-plaque effect.


For cleaning the anti-slip surface of your shower tray, we recommend using our HÜPPE Top cleaner, which is ideal for shower trays made of mineral casting.


For all washable materials we recommend the gentle HÜPPE Flip Cleaner, which is ideal for the synthetic glass of your HÜPPE shower.