The easy way to obtain spare parts for your shower.

With or without an identification number, in the HÜPPE online shop you will find precisely the spare part you need. HÜPPE offers you a 10-year warranty on wearing parts, and gives its assurance that you will still be able to order wearing parts here at least 10 years after purchasing your HÜPPE shower enclosure. You can also purchase universal spare parts that fit on many HÜPPE showers. If you are not sure which spare part you are looking for, get in touch with us and we will advise you, so that your HÜPPE shower enclosure will continue providing you with the desired comfort for many years to come.

Use identification number to order spare parts

On the wall profile of your HÜPPE shower you will find an identification number which unambiguously identifies your shower enclosure. You will easily find the spare part you need with this number.

Ordering spare parts without an identification number

Even without an identification number, we will identify your HÜPPE shower and find the required spare part.

Universal spare parts

We also offer universal spare parts that fit a large number of shower enclosures. This enables us to find a solution for practically every problem.