HÜPPE shower trays – simply Easy.

Whether in a large or small bathroom – HÜPPE provides for an impressive bathroom design even in rooms with a problematic floor plan. HÜPPE shower trays have a solution for practically every problem in the bathroom. The utilised natural stone material ensures a maximum degree of relaxation. Cold feet and hollow pattering are a thing of the past! HÜPPE shower trays convince, among other things, with their heat-storing and sound-diminishing properties.

Non-slip coating

With HÜPPE, you will experience your shower in a completely new way. The versatile HÜPPE shower surfaces are not only characterised by their modern design, but are also absolutely safe. All HÜPPE shower trays are available with an anti-slip surface that meets a wide range of requirements and standards. Your shower will be transformed into a feel-good oasis.

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Sound insulation

With HÜPPE shower surfaces, loud pattering like a heavy rain shower belongs to the past – for an undisturbed wellness feeling! Which standards and requirements must be observed for shower trays, and how HÜPPE complies with them, is described here.

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The floor-level shower surface is available in over 40 different sizes – even up to a width of 1500 millimetres. Or you can choose a made-to-measure surface. Whatever your choice, with the HÜPPE EasyStep you will make the right decision!

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Technical data

Do you need measurement forms, texts for invitations to tender, spare parts forms, declarations of performance (DoP) or installation instructions for your professional work on site with the customer? Here you can get all the technical product data you need for all HÜPPE product series and models, to help you in your professional work and to make your customers happy.

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