Enhanced sound absorption: HÜPPE shower surfaces made of mineral casting

With HÜPPE shower surfaces, loud pattering like a heavy rain shower belongs to the past – for an undisturbed wellness feeling! Which standards and requirements must be observed for shower trays, and how HÜPPE complies with them, is described here.

Sound insulation for shower trays – requirements and standards

  • DIN 1409 – Sound insulation in building construction: origin – Germany
  • VDI 4100 – Sound insulation in residential buildings: Guideline from the Association of German Engineers
  • SIA 181 – Sound insulation in building construction: origin – Switzerland

The tests are conducted in a laboratory where the shower trays are set up in as realistic a spatial situation as possible. A test object strikes the surface and the resultant sound is measured from three sides.

HÜPPE fulfils all requirements stipulated in DIN 1409 and VDI 4100, and the minimum requirements for the Swiss standard SIA 181.

Not only that, but the sound of the jet of water hitting the HÜPPE shower surface made of mineral casting is significantly quieter than comparable shower trays in the industry.

Compared to steel or ceramic shower trays, HÜPPE mineral casting is particularly sound-absorbing, which minimises noise levels in adjacent rooms.