HÜPPE shower trays – premium quality materials for exclusive showering comfort

HÜPPE shower surfaces give your bathroom that distinctive natural touch. We manufacture them from natural stone material, consisting mainly of quartz sand and powdered minerals, that is coated with a special gelcoat surface. The combination of these exclusive materials makes HÜPPE shower surfaces pleasantly warm and smooth underfoot. High strength, durable material and easy cleaning are our top priorities right from the early stages of developing our shower surfaces. For the best possible quality and lifelong showering pleasure.

Cast stone - the material used in HÜPPE shower trays

The HÜPPE EasyFlat, HÜPPE EasyStep and HÜPPE Purano consist of:

  • Quartz grit: quartz is one of the hardest materials and a natural mineral.
  • Quartz sand: sourced from beaches around the world.
  • Mineral powder: occurs naturally as limestone, chalk and marble.

These natural materials are gently processed with other materials to produce cast stone. The result is a solid composite of all the components and their associated high stability and strength.


The material's heat-retaining properties make our shower surfaces especially kind to the skin and pleasant to walk on.

Jointless hygiene

Unlike tiled showering areas, with HÜPPE shower surfaces there are no joints where bacteria can accumulate, and the surface can be cleaned very easily and quickly.

Perfect match

All shower surfaces are perfectly harmonised with our HÜPPE shower enclosures and HÜPPE EasyStyle wall coverings for all-in-one quality, functionality and design.


HÜPPE mineral casting is a particularly hard natural stone material. This means that every product is extremely rigid and resistant to distortion. Even large-sized surfaces will not warp. This minimises the risk of cracked joints or damage from moisture in the bathroom.

UV protection

Our shower surfaces are non-fading, resistant to UV light, and do not bleach for a long-lasting, attractive design.


Compared to shower surfaces made of metal, acrylic or ceramic, the natural properties of the mineral casting mean that it is particularly good at absorbing sound. There is no loud pattering as with large rain showers, which minimises the noise level in adjoining rooms.

Impact-resistant & repairable

The surface is especially robust for protection against damage from sharp blows. Slightly damaged or scratched areas can be easily touched up using the HÜPPE EasyRepair repair kit.