Duschwanne EasyStep Farbe Gold und Silber


Abdichtung Duschwanne HÜPPE EasyFlat

Flat shower tiles.

Being ideally suited to floor-flush installation, the HÜPPE EasyStep offers an easy-maintenance alternative to traditional tiles.

Bodengleiche Dusche mit der Duschwanne HÜPPE EasyStep in weiß

For a fluid transition.

With the HÜPPE EasyStep, tiles can be applied directly on the tray rim.

Duschwanne HÜPPE EasyStep in weiß ebenerdige Dusche

Durable gel coat surface.

The high quality gel coat surface makes the HÜPPE EasyStep easy to maintain and colour-fast.

Duschwanne nach Maß vom Duschkabinenhersteller

Also custom-made - for the highest requirements for individuality.

The HÜPPE EasyStep offers the option of being custom-made, so that a wide range of installation scenarios can be tailored for.

Ablaufkappen der Duschwanne HÜPPE EasyStep

Well-designed cover caps.

Design and a modern look are increasingly being integrated into shower trays through the design of the cover caps. The HÜPPE EasyStep cover caps are available round, in chrome, white, or gold (24 carat), and angled in white.


Design your dream shower with a HÜPPE shower tray and choose the cover caps to suit the style of your bathroom.

Person läuft über bodengleich eingebaute Duschwanne HÜPPE EasyStep

Say goodbye to cold tile floors.

The heat-storage properties of the material make HÜPPE shower trays especially kind to the skin and pleasant to walk on. Furthermore they have noise reduction properties.

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