Lösungen für Duschen in kleinen Badezimmern mit HÜPPE

How to create spacious solutions for showers in small bathrooms

Small bathrooms can be a real challenge: too little freedom of movement, hardly any installation space. Even in modern residential buildings, bathrooms are often only small simply because living space has become so expensive. Renovating and spatially optimising a small bathroom is a real challenge. However, our HÜPPE experts have some good advice for everyday showering pleasure even in small bathrooms.

First step towards more space in a small bathroom: floor-flush shower surface

It is often the shower that restricts movement in a small bathroom when it's not being used. First step: Forget about a conventional shower tray and opt for a floor-flush shower surface instead. You can then walk over the entire floor area without any risk of stumbling. A visually outstanding and technically perfect solution, for example, is the ultra-flat HÜPPE EasyFlat shower surface.

The swing doors discreetly fold away after showering and create space

Intelligent solutions are also available for splash protection in your small bathroom: folding swing doors, for example! These form a completely closed enclosure when showering, and discreetly fold away when not in use. They are simply folded back against the wall, and the shower is no longer an obstacle in the bathroom. Let the functionality and spaciousness of the innovative HÜPPE Solva pure convince you, or choose the versatile HÜPPE Design lifestyle series, which is available in an elegant and a puristically modern design.

Ultra-transparent sliding doors create a spacious look in small bathrooms

We have sliding door solutions for you where the conversion costs won't get out of hand. The HÜPPE Alpha 2, for instance, is a persuasive choice with its state-of-the-art technology, top quality, and an appealing, transparent design – and all this at an attractive price. Another recommendation for your small bathroom from our HÜPPE experts is the HÜPPE Classics 2, which our designers have endowed with a high degree of transparency. Simply spacious!


Do you want to get rid of your old bathtub? Quickly create a modern shower with HÜPPE EasyStyle

When do you find enough time to have a soak in the bath? Probably far too rarely. Usually there's only time for a shower! So the decision is not a difficult one: Get rid of the bathtub and install a modern shower instead. In many cases the old tiles can stay on the wall, because with the HÜPPE EasyStyle wall covering it is possible to simply bond the large-sized aluminium composite panels onto the tiles. The panels are available in different designs and form a seamless wall surface. You can then create a spacious look with highly transparent shower enclosures. For example with the innovative HÜPPE Xtensa pure, which combines the clear, elegant appearance of a walk-in shower area with the functionality of a sliding door solution.