A plan is imperative for renovating a shower

Anyone who wants to renovate a shower should plan ahead, since a bathroom is normally only renovated about every 20 years. Keep an eye on reality, and define for yourself or your family what is actually necessary. Will individual conversion measures suffice, or do you want a completely new bathroom? And one more thing: Lay down a realistic financial framework for the conversion or full renovation that will not burden you for years to come.

Consider even the smallest details of a renovation plan

Both measures, namely a realistic eye on what is necessary and the financing, form the basis for a renovation plan which you should draw up without fail. Take your time, and decide exactly what you want to change in the bathroom.

Be clear about the desired style for your new shower, and answer the following questions for yourself:

  • Should the bathroom be suitable for use by small children or physically challenged people?
  • Would you like a barrier-free shower area?
  • Do you have to take sloping ceilings or permanently installed furnishings into consideration?
  • Check the positioning of the sanitary connections! Can they be changed?
  • Would you like more storage space?
  • Is the bathroom too small for spatious solutions, and will it be necessary to cut down to the essentials?

Compare prices and pay attention to quality when choosing the fittings

As a wet room, the bathroom (and in particular the shower) is exposed to enhanced stress. So don't save in the wrong places! Buy quality, use high-grade materials. Trust a brand manufacturer like HÜPPE. Thorough research and price comparisons are the basis for an efficient bathroom renovation.

And another very important point: Don't take on too much of the work yourself. Get expert advice at an early stage, and decide with a clear mind what you can do yourself, and which work you want to entrust to a specialist such as a certified HÜPPE partner.

With HÜPPE EasyStyle you can complete a renovation in 48 hours.

Are you worried about lengthy conversion work, and do you want to avoid a lot of dirt and dust? Our HÜPPE experts have another good tip for you: HÜPPE EasyStyle!

This clever wall covering allows a bathroom to be renovated in 48 hours since in many cases the old tiles can stay on the wall. The ultra-thin aluminium composite panels can be easily bonded with adhesive tape, surface adhesive or silicone to create a wall without any tile joints that can be cleaned easily and quickly.

It's your choice: HÜPPE EasyStyle is available in many different decors and as individual designs created from your own pictures, photos or illustrations.