Reinigung und Pflege von Duschen mit dem HÜPPE Handwischer

Easy-maintenance showering pleasure.

The name HÜPPE has long been synonymous with quality, functionality and performance. Properties that are crucial for making you feel comfortable in your bathroom. Part of this is making sure that your dream shower is easy to look after. With our cleaning tips, you will have years of undiluted joy with your HÜPPE shower enclosure.

Fast cleaning

Fast cleaning

We recommend a quick clean after each shower. Just rinse the shower enclosure in clean water and wipe off the remaining drips with a wiper. This will keep the panels lovely and clear.

Thorough cleaning

A shower enclosure should generally be thoroughly cleaned at regular intervals. We recommend our special HÜPPE cleaning agent, which removes limescale effortlessly without affecting the material. Then just rinse with cold water and wipe off the remaining drips with a wiper. Simply easy to clean. Detailed information can be found in the cleaning product supplement.

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