Feel good - and safe.

People feel best in places where they feel safe. You can feel completely safe in a HÜPPE shower, as nothing is too much trouble for us when it comes to your safety and well-being. We are constantly improving our range and test all our products extensively before putting them on the market. A good feeling for you, and for us.

TÜV-GS certificate for proven quality.

Of course all HÜPPE shower enclosures have a TÜV-GS certificate. Furthermore, all HÜPPE products undergo rigorous internal testing that far exceeds the standards stipulated for the product type and design - a guarantee of top quality and safety!

CE marking for proven functionality and product safety.

Through the CE marking, HÜPPE declares that it meets the requirements of DIN EN 14428 for shower enclosures and DIN EN 14527 for shower trays.

2022 Recycling Certificate for transport packaging.

This recycling certificate serves as proof for the disposal contract agreed between HÜPPE and Zentec GmbH & Co. KG and absolves HÜPPE clients from any disposal costs relating to packaging materials delivered by our company.


As proof of reliability, the door systems in all HÜPPE shower enclosures are tested non-stop at least 30,000 times.

Load test

Shower trays undergo continuous load tests to ensure that they do not deform even under long-term load.

Sandbag test

The sandbag test proves that glass and styrene used do not come out of the frame in the event of a fall.

Water-tightness test

The water tightness test demonstrates that the splash water stays inside the shower enclosure. The water-tightness of a shower enclosure is dependent on the construction elements. This can result in fluctuations in the water-tightness between the different product series. All HÜPPE shower enclosures comply with the requirements of the DIN EN 14428 standard responsible for these products.