HÜPPE Select+ Walk-In Dusche mit Accessoires in schwarz


Walk-In Dusche HÜPPE Select+ Accessoire Tablet abnehmbar

Intact tiles thanks to installation with no drilling

Unlike conventional storage systems in the shower area, the Select+ Organizer and functional elements are affixed using the Select+ system, so that time-consuming drilling through centimetre-thick tiles is no longer necessary.

Walk-In Dusche HÜPPE Select+ Kanaltechnik

Innovative Select+ system for a homogeneous surface

The Select+ system accepts the individual elements and is then sealed jointlessly, creating a homogeneous surface with no recesses and dirt pockets.

Glas einer HÜPPE Dusche

Safe is safe

Only segments made with 6/8/10 mm single-pane safety glass are used with the HÜPPE Select+.

Walk-In Dusche HÜPPE Select+ Accessoire Drybox in schwarz geöffnet

Ultimate flexibility and even more options

With variable height adjustment, the HÜPPE Select+ allows accessories to be adapted, exchanged and enhanced for months or years after installation. So you don’t have to commit yourself immediately and can remain absolutely flexible.

Walk-In Dusche HÜPPE Select+ Accessoire Tablet Reinigung

Easy to clean

The exclusive, purist design is completely flat and therefore easy to clean. The distance to the glass is also large enough for daily cleaning of the Walk-In shower. The individual components can also be easily removed for cleaning the tiles behind the organisers.

Walk-In Dusche HÜPPE Select+ Accessoire Shelf in schwarz

High stability and load capacity

For greater stability during use and for your safety, the HÜPPE Select+ has been tested with a continuous load of 10 kg.