Duschkabine HÜPPE Solva pure mit Produktdetails


The elegant high-tech solution for your bathroom: HÜPPE Solva pure!

Do you appreciate understated elegance combined with sophisticated technology and functionality in your bathroom? Do you love an intelligent and timeless design? Then we have the ideal shower enclosure for you: HÜPPE Solva pure! This shower is timeless, puristic and stylish, but also exceptionally sturdy. This is proved by tests in the HÜPPE laboratories. And since we are convinced of the exceptional quality of this shower enclosure, private buyers receive a 30-year warranty!

Here you can learn everything about HÜPPE Solva pure: hueppe-solva-pure.com


What should the perfect shower enclosure be like? We've asked architects, homebuilders, owners, dealers and installers for their opinions. We have noted and implemented their wishes and ideas in a system that combines everything a modern shower enclosure should offer. The result: HÜPPE Solva pure!

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A truly special feature: The hinges of the HÜPPE Solva pure are firmly attached to the shower enclosure glass by means of a special material. This not only provides for strength, but also makes sure that practically no water at all can escape into the bathroom. The integral rise and fall mechanism in the HÜPPE Solva pure shower enclosure lifts the door slightly when opening it – and gently lowers it again when it is closed. A discreet technology that significantly reduces the wear of the drain channel.

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We design our innovative, high quality products in collaboration with the most prestigious designers.

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Colours & Panel options

All colours and panel options at a glance.

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Model overview

A shower from the HÜPPE Solva pure series is a visual highlight! The frameless design of this shower enclosure not only fits into every bathroom, it also shapes the room. Regardless of whether the shower area has a plinth or sloping ceiling: Almost any bathroom plan can be realised with perfectly fitting cut-outs. The HÜPPE Solva pure can overcome any challenge: This adaptable shower with its partially framed design is really versatile! The HÜPPE Solva pure always fits perfectly!

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