Renovation in 48 hours

Renovate the shower area within 48 hours? Without a lot of noise, dirt and dust? That's possible with the new HÜPPE EasyStyle wall covering. The 3 mm-thin aluminium composite panels can be bonded directly to the old tiles with silicone and adhesive strips or with a surface adhesive. You've never had a new shower rear wall so easily.

Step 1

Remove your bathtub and make room for your new shower.


Step 2

Move your water connections, fill in and prepare the wall.

Step 3

Install the new shower surface including sealing tapes.

Step 4

Now install the wall sealing system.

Step 5

Now install your EasyStyle panels.

Step 6

Install the shower enclosure, for example the HÜPPE Xtensa pure, and you’re DONE!

Take a look at the video to see just how easily and quickly the HÜPPE EasyStyle can be installed.