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Hüppe EasyStyle

Jointless wall covering for your bathroom: HÜPPE EasyStyle!

Does your bathroom need rejuvenating? But you're shying away from the conversion with all the noise and dirt? HÜPPE EasyStyle is the ideal solution for a partial renovation of your bathroom. The innovative HÜPPE EasyStyle wall covering system consists of large-format panels that can be easily applied directly to the old tiles. An easy-to-clean and individual shower area without tile joints can be created with little effort.


Are you keen on a change? With HÜPPE EasyStyle, you can give your bathroom a totally new look – just as you want it to be! Their size and panel options make the HÜPPE EasyStyle a visual highlight in any bathroom. Choose one of our many decorative possibilities for a shower without tile joints.

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The product

With HÜPPE EasyStyle, your old bathroom will quickly become your new feel-good oasis. The shower wall is covered with premium quality, 3 mm-thin aluminium composite panels available in two sizes: 1000 x 2550 mm or 1500 x 2550 mm. The panels are attached directly to one another without any joints, or alternatively using corner, composite and end profiles. Thanks to their high-quality surface finish in UV-hardened lacquer, the panels are not only waterproof, but are also resistant to abrasion, scratches and chemicals.

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Take a shower as if you were on the Mediterranean? Choosing a decor from the ITALIAN STONE collection will make that possible! The shower panel options from this collection with their soft, warm tones create a homely and cosy feeling. Or would you prefer something dynamic with geometric patterns and flower motifs from Spanish architecture? If you do, our BARCELONA DESIGN collection is just the right one for you.

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Have you decided on one of our many panel options or your favourite photo? Then define how you want the motif to be used. It can be printed across multiple composite panels in any size. The composite panels are cut to size during the installation on the spot in your bathroom. They can be put in place edge-to-edge or by using composite and corner profiles, tightly and without joints, and finished off with an end profile. Profiles in seven colours are available to match our over 20 decors. It's your choice!

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Do you want to design your shower area in a completely individual way? Our innovative printing process makes this possible. If you wish, HÜPPE can transfer your favourite photo to the jointless wall covering in your bathroom. Installing one of the colour-matching HÜPPE EasyFlat shower surfaces will round off your personal bathroom design just perfectly.

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Discover in the video how quickly and easily HÜPPE EasyStyle is installed - without noise, dust and dirt.

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You can find informative videos of the HÜPPE Classics 2 here.

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